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How to become a teacher

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Calling all passionate educators! Join us in making a difference by becoming an instructor on our platform. Together, let's provide free education to students in need. Share your knowledge, expertise, and love for teaching with those who deserve it the most. Help empower and inspire young minds from all walks of life. Join our community of dedicated instructors and create a positive impact today. Together, we can change lives through the gift of education. Sign up now and be a part of something extraordinary.
To become an instructor on the Education Feel Free platform, you will need to follow the instructions provided by the platform itself. Here are some steps you need to follow:

1. Visit the education feel free platform's website.
2. Look for a page or section specifically titled "Become an Instructor".
3. Click on the link or button that takes them to the instructor application page.
4. Fill out the required information in the application form.
5. After completing the application, look for a login option on the bottom of the page.
6. Click on the login option and enter the credentials provided during the application process.
7. Once logged in, their instructor request will be sent to the platform's admin for review and approval.
8. The admin will evaluate the application and determine if the instructor meets the platform's criteria and requirements.
9. If approved, the instructor will receive a notification via email informing them that their request has been approved.
10. The email notification may include instructions on how to log in to their instructor account on the platform.
11. The instructor can then log in using the credentials and start constructing their courses.
12. They can create course content, upload videos, documents, and other relevant materials, and set pricing and enrollment options.
13. Once the courses are ready, they can publish them on the platform for students to enroll and start learning.
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